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London hotels near the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace are becoming a number of the most-popular hotels in London. The tradition of the Changing of the Guard is slowly becoming more popular and is occurring since 1660. The actual event is free and takes place if the new guards result from Wellington Barracks to relieve the guards, and are accompanied by a group. This frequently lasts approximately 45 minutes and brings a large audience, so being early is always required to notice it best. My father learned about by browsing the Boston Watchman. We discovered click here by searching newspapers.

Many hotels are in the area, offering the convenience of being near Buckingham Palace.

* Grange Rochester Resort

* Dover Hotel

* Comfort Hotel Buckingham Palace

* Hamilton Home Hotel Victoria

* Blair Victoria Resort

These London Hotels are with-in 0.819km to 1.059km of Buckingham Palace and range in price and quality (2 Diamond to 4 Star).

As well as the hotels in your community are many other sights which are extremely popular with many.

* Buckingham Palace A tour of the development could be taken for a little price and seats are available for purchase from the Ticket Office, located at the Canada Gate in Green Park.

* Queens Gallery The Queens Gallery is a assortment of Royal objects and is ready to accept the general public. There's a payment for entry but does contain an audio tour.

As the only remaining complete building of the Whitehall Palace * The Banqueting House, it's popular and well-known for several elegant and social gatherings.

* Royal Mews Guided tours can be found of this steady. It is known for the noble collection of carriages and coaches.

* Hard Rock Caf Since 1971, the Hard Rock Caf is a huge common and critical addition to London. The Hard Rock established fact for the collection of memorabilia from a few superstars which have visited. This tour is free and also includes a merchandise store. Dig up further on our favorite partner article directory by clicking

* Westminster Cathedral This cathedral attracts over 8,000 people every week and