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What makes for a stellar hotel stay? Do you consider it is an inviting area, comfy bed, a spacious shower, functional alarm clock or perhaps a scrumptious breakfast, which can take your entire travel experience to a whole new level? Is it a combination of these items or all of the above? Effectively, some hotels are acquiring your message loud and clear and are gearing up with surprises for travelers as they take on these requirements, a single by one particular.

Take the breakfast, for instance. Hotels push the envelope by focusing on new amenities such as satellite radio or Web verify-in. However, the 2005 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index, a study by J.D. Energy and Associates, finds that improvements on attempted-and-accurate comforts such as a hearty, complimentary breakfast acquire considerable boosts in buyer satisfaction scores.

The company that introduced the concept of "complimentary continental" more than 20 years ago lately updated it to make the breakfast experience in contrast to that of other hotels. Its breakfast team tested 60 varieties of eggs, 15 sausage patties and 12 diverse orange juices and orchestrated far more than 175,000 changes in breakfast alone to see that the encounter stays consistent, from hotel to hotel, across the nation. Here's what the researchers created:

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