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Breathe is an innovative entry into the e-cig marketplace that possesses unique functionality and consumer safety considerations not found in other market entries. We know of no such technology currently in the marketplace that concurrently provides an alternative to regular tobacco products, features child protection features, has ready functional applications in tobacco cessation and medical programs. The product design differentiates itself from similar, less advanced products in the marketplace today. This is due to a carefully patented Our designed technological advancement will be incorporated in the second generation. I've incorporated these advancements into the design, which permits different uses by consumers and built-in consumer safety features unique to this industry segment. We are determined to have the best e-cig in the world; the "Apple" of e-cigarettes if you will. The first phase in redesign of the product is complete and ready for release. Our e-cig features Tennessee tobacco-source nicotine, the best taste of any e-cigarette in the world, a lower price than market leaders, and a dedication to environment and humanity by contributing to 2nd hand smoke awareness among diversified youth programs and utilizing green sources plus a proactive e-cig recycling program. I am prepared to provide any additional information to satisfy Walmart's requirements for product placement. Please feel free to send any questions you may have; my direct contact information is below. Thank you for considering Breathe for your portfolio; I look forward to our inevitable business venture. Breathe "Again" Audio Release®2014 "Harder to Breathe"®2014 A/V Josh Kimmel President Breathe® Smart Cigarettes™865-935-8467 or 888-634-7544 Breathe. LLC. The Brerathe Foundation Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.

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