Janet (McArthur) Jacob

Photographer in Sturbridge, Massachusetts

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There's a bit of magic in everything
And then some loss to even things out - Lou Reed
I lived in Alabama until December 2004. Before Alabama, I lived in Kentucky and Hawaii and Missouri and Oklahoma and Germany and now I live in Massachusetts.
I read ravenously. I take enormous amounts of pictures. I listen to music more than is normal for a person who plays no musical instruments. I love my dog more than most people. I'm an Army brat - and therefore "from" nowhere, but my hometown is Eclectic, Alabama. I looooove fruit. Juicy sweet stickiness from heaven. Well, most fruit. I'm allergic to mangoes. I found out when they chopped down the mango tree near our home when we lived in Hawaii - I played on the carcass and subsequently broke out in a rash alllll over - and was informed by the doctor that poison ivy and mangoes are close cousins. I have a scar on my palm from a pork chop bone - got it when I was 3 when we lived in Missouri. I have a scar on my forehead - happened when I was about 1.5 years old and I fell off a two-story building when we lived in Oklahoma. I adore alliteration. I love Eddie Izzard. I like rain puddles & lollipops & swings & trampolines more than a 37 year old ought to. I'm a sucker for carnivals and circuses, & I'm mad for photos of them & stories about them.
I like pineapples & watercolors & lip gloss & the Beatles. I like dashboard hula girls & Dorothy Parker. I like E.T. and Janis Joplin and bubble gum and comic books. I like Star Wars & my dogs and my mom & my dad. I like water globes & Jones soda and Hemingway and jack-o-lanterns. I like peppermint candles and ice cream and rainbows in oil slicks & and thank you cards. I like voodoo and Jesus and maple syrup & Christmas lights & Elvis. I like my husband & stepson. There's not much I don't like, really.
I don't like raisins and I don't like cucumbers and I don't like bad drivers or poor grammar. I don't like hang nails or the flu or looking at dead things. I don't like Rutger Hauer or yogurts with fruits in them or people who are mean to their pets. I don't like crazy people who want nothing more than to make everyone else crazy too. I don't like idiots or mean people or bullies. I don't like the Warren Commission's findings.

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