Musician, Mother, and Therapist in Chesapeake, Virginia

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If I didn't draw a circle around my image, you'd have no idea that that little girl is me. I look like all the other players on the team....yellow shirt, yellow cap. Ready to play ball.

My strengths, my accomplishments and my weaknesses-the largest being that I had no business playing softball-aren't evident. I'm just like everyone else.

Except I'm not.

Take a look at my portfolio. You will see I am an accomplished and talented writer and editor who is innately creative.

My work is distinctive in that it makes the reader's eyes widen with wonder, crinkle with question, tear up with sadness or sparkle with laughter. It does not, however, make them glaze over with boredom.

That's what makes me stand out among my peers; yet, I understand and appreciate that everyone is distinct as well in his or her own way.

That's where the beauty of teamwork comes into play.

The magic lies in the melding of talents.

You see that little girl circled in that picture?

She's in it to win it, and she'll knock it out of the park every time. If you want a player like that on your team, then