Brenda Lewis

For years I've been trying every "new" "greatest" thing that came along to earn money online.

As a graphic designer, most of my contact with my clients is online, but there are no true "Internet-type" sales. You know, read the sales page and click the "Buy Now" button.

To make money online, I tried selling all kinds of things that keyword research indicated that people were really interested in. I tried using Clickbank and other commission-based services, affiliate sales of other people's products, and I even tried my hand at creating my own products to sell.

The first problem was that most of these products - based on keyword researach - weren't things I was really interested in. So the whole process became drudgery.

The second problem was that "conventional" wisdom suggested using things like safe-lists and traffic exchanges. But, guess what? All the people on these lists and exchanges were trying to sell the same products.

This time around is different. I came across a report that encouraged finding out what works best for me to allow me to do what I enjoy most - helping others realize their dreams without the pressure of trying to sell them something. Of course, I will have products for sale but they won't be based on keywords. NOTE: topics with huge keyword searches are, more often than not, people looking for free information on something to help them solve a problem. When they're ready to buy a product that does that, they go to an online retailer like and look for the best selling (usually) book on the thing they want help with.

So my new approach is more like the time-honored habit most of us have of recommending something we like to others. Kind of like telling a friend about a new book they would probably love. No pressure. No nagging. Just, "Hey, I thought you'd be interested in this."

Life is a process; a journey; a marathon rather than a 100-yard dash. As we make that journey there will always be some bumps and potholes in the road. So I hope that you find something that I offer that will help you over those trouble spots. Something that will help you overcome the problems in your life.

Here's to realizing your dreams,
Brenda Y. Lewis

P.S. I'm also an award-winning graphic designer specializing in book design, and Web/blog design for self-publishing authors. I love jazz and classical music, am an avid reader (I love mysteries), and am a long-time Mensa member.