Breno Inojosa

Software Engineer in Pernambuco, Brasil

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I like to say I chose being a software engineer when I was 12, back in 2002, back when IRC was still a big thing.

I live in Brazil and I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Universidade de Pernambuco, a pretty cool and well recognized university in the country. During my class days, I was head of a “programming marathon group” after getting addicted to algorithms and data structures and eventually fell in love with Java. Back in those days, I started developing a two year project of a 2d game, which ended up being split in many other projects : a 2d engine system, a networking framework and an ORM library. I had a blast. Later on, I also became interested in learning data science, distributed systems and AI, so I went deep into Artificial Neural Networks and it ended up being in my final thesis, called “A comparison between K-Nearest Neighbors and Neural Networks to predict water flow in hydroelectrics. Then, in my last year, I developed a long lasting project which involves a bunch of cool stuff. To name: a crawler engine that uses Cassandra and Redis as data storages, Apache Spark, my own network framework, my own Cassandra ORM, Jenkins, Docker and so much more.. phew.

During school I was happy to join a local company called CESAR, where I met many special people and worked for 2 years at that company as an intern.

Then, things changed..

In 2013, I became a Software Engineering Intern at Apple, where I learned about new worlds and consolidated some of my fundaments in web development. I spent 10 months in an incredible adventure that ended up with me presenting my work to a VP at Apple! Damn!

I came back, crazy rush to graduate and got my Bachelor's degree. Late 2015, I came back to Brazil, where I worked again at CESAR but only for less than a year.

Now I’m working at Apple again (since Jan, 2016), half full-stack, half devops. There’s much to learn and I love every day of my life and this is how I want to be ’til my last days!

Well, this is my “career” so far, but I have more than that, of course. I’m a Dire Straits fan, love classic rock and 8-bits songs. I do a lot of programming outside work and will often talk about it with other people. I’m 26 years old (or almost) and most of my time is spent with my beloved one :D I’m also a Global Elite CS:GO player, not that it counts that much, but well, I love this game.

  • Work
    • Apple, Inc.
  • Education
    • Universidade de Pernambuco