Brett Henley

Freelance Writer and content strategist in Franklin, Tennessee

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I've been fortunate over the last 9+ years to work in some pretty diverse environments - from enterprise e-commerce and interactive agencies to industrial B2B marketing.

I've spent most of that time navigating the branding process, developing content + digital strategy, and writing copy for a wide range of industries - including manufacturing, deregulated/renewable energy, nonprofit and social enterprise, startups, small-to-medium business, and entrepreneurs.

In my personal projects, I use writing, story, and technology as vehicles to explore the beautiful, chaotic mess that is being human.

In my collaborations with companies (and the people who love them) - I leverage all three to facilitate connection and growth.

My process - both personal and professional - is about seeking clarity by distilling down to the essential.


* Copywriting (websites, landing pages, brand collateral, etc.)

* Feature/editorial writing for publications (digital + print)

* Inbound/outbound content strategy (everything from architecture and content planning to email marketing, Google Adwords, and more)

  • Education
    • Hustle University