Brian Aberle


I updated XMLFoundation in 2016 and I published at ResearchGate on Dec 25. I wrote new poetry during 2015. Im working on a new track that ill post at Reverbnation. See my wordpress documents. My biography is so diverse that to expand on any one of my accomplishments would lead you to think that the summary of what I am about is limited to some domain or industry or certain talent. I am so in awe at the miracle of life and matter in the universe that I know - all things are possible. Either you know, or you dont know.

I publish Plant Chemistry research and know A/B extractions of tryptamine analogs of serotonin and I Climb Mountains, Volcanos, Towers, Walls, pretty much anything that seems right at the moment. Me in Atlanta and 2016 in the Virgin Islands. High bicycled 300 miles of the west coast in 2014. I enjoy distance swimming especially in warm ocean water. 2015 been traveling southern Florida, the Denver Mile High area, and currently the Caribbean.

I know law

End Drug Wars

I VERY MUCH enjoy time with nature. In the wilderness frequently, camping, nature hikes, adventures in what planet earth has to offer. First as a cub/boyscout and later in life for the love of campfire and wild in the wilderness. I am well studied on snakes. I've handled wild rattlesnakes like a bee charmer - thats my hand a swarm of large honey bees in El Salvador. This breed, from Africa, can kill some people.

My 2006 treatise contains testimony of a former IRS commissioner made before Congress.

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