Brian W Reaves

UX Engineer, Consultant, and Software Engineer in Brisbane City, Australia

Brian W Reaves'​ passion for usability, and personal frustrations in digital products, drives him everyday to make the digital world usable. As a usability and accessibility advocate, he emphasises "Usability and accessibility can no longer be seen as a luxury or the 'go to'​ place to reduce project costs. Users should not be a last consideration in a project! In-fact, ROI studies have proven, every dollar spent on UX returns multiple dollars in savings."​

He believes the prevalence of smartphones has show users digital products can be user-centric and thus the push for usability in everything. Users' now expect everything from websites & software, to parking meters, to settings the clock on a microwave, can and must have improved usability.

Brian identifies himself as "The Users'​ Agent" to development teams​.​ He prides himself on being able to understand users and their needs so he can represent them. He does this by building relationships, listening to them, and ensuring usability best practice is a followed.

Brian also has a genuine empathy for users, but none are as important as those with challenges. He keeps accessibility front-of-mind when working with the development teams throughout the project process. He does this by researching, educating and helping overcome difficulties.

To round-out his skills, he understands there are always resource limitations on projects. This means there is no room for egos, his or anyone else's. He knows how to keep the end objective as a priority, regardless of whether his solution is accepted or otherwise.

Brian's Updated CV:

  • Work
    • Sevaer Digital
  • Education
    • BS: Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
    • Minor: Computer Science