Briana Blair

Wichita Falls, Texas

Briana Blair describes herself as "An author, artist, writer, geek and freak", and she is proud of the things that make her stand out from the crowd. A free-thinker, she's not afraid to speak her mind even in the face of negative feedback. She is an ordained minister and Doctor of Metaphysics. She is also a writer and artist, and combines her varying skills within both her writing and artwork.

As a writer, Briana has written over 400 poems for the series The Dark Side of My Mind, wrote a horror/sci-fi novel at age 13, and has 24 published books. She is currently writing for BrianaDragon Creations, with a library of over 2300 articles. She has written for many genres including non-fiction, self-help, humor and modern fantasy but has a focus in self-help and spirituality. Her books are available in print, epub, Nook, Kindle, iTunes and Google formats.

As an artist she has produced thousands of pieces of digital and traditional art, along with jewelry and various other crafts. Always a fan of living outside the box, she never creates what's trendy, only what she really loves and believes in. She currently produces art for Zazzle.

"Get a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life". Briana believes that everyone should balance work with an enjoyment for life and also encourages people to learn, grow, and strive to be the best person they can possibly be.

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