Brian Bice, RFC®

Douglas GA

I am a father of three wonderful kids, a husband that must be doing something right to keep her and a guy interested in everything economics and financial related. I help individuals wisely plan for the future in order to achieve financial independence and peace of mind. Ok, I just edited a bunch of disingenuous fluff from this bio. What it said isn't important. What is important is that on any given day I am working on a multitude of projects in various fields. I think specialization, as used by today's gurus, is limiting. My wife tells me that I am full of useless information. I disagree. One day, one tidbit tucked in the deepest reaches of my brain will be the spark that ignites the firestorm of ideas that will help someone solve their problem. In regards to FOREX, I exclusively trade the AUDJPY pair. I'll sometimes comment about my trading on Twitter. I've found that I trade better if I just shut up and trade. It only took me 6-years of trading and several thousand trades to figure that little secret out. Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices or other info contained is provided as general commentary and does not constitute investment advice.

  • Education
    • Bba Marketing - Georgia Southwestern State University
    • Certificate in Financial Planning - Boston University
    • American Writers and Artists
    • Inc. (AWAI) trained writer