Brian Tomás Gallery

Student, Volunteer, and Musician in Floral Park, New York

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Hi, my name is Brian Gallery. I am a student at Chaminade High School, a volunteer at both my school and church, and an Irish musician who has won/medaled in many regional and international competitions.

Other than music, I am very keen on swimming, hiking, and the outdoors in general. I am also a car nut. While some kids spend their time playing video games, I research different facts and specs about cars. In addition, I recently finished working on my Eagle Scout project at St. Anne's RC Chruch in Garden City to benefit the Respite Program for children with special needs. It was a great success, and I am now one step closer to becoming an Eagle Scout.

I didn't know which charity to put down up top, so I put the one having to do with something that has impacted my family for many years. Both of my parents, my grandma, and other relatives have had cancer at some point during my life. It is a terrible disease, and everyone should do anything they can to help find a cure for it. Thank you, and enjoy my page!

  • Education
    • Chaminade High School
    • Bro. Joseph C. Fox Latin School @KMHS