Brian Le Mon

Founder, CEO, and Mentor in Melbourne VIC, Australia

I am the Founder & CEO of Ethical Outsourcing, an outsourcing agency with a difference. I Mentor my clients and employees on the best way to work together over international borders and how to achieve the most from an Outsourcing relationship.

I have worked extensively in Outsourcing for over 15 years after the first 2 industries I sought a career in collapsed and ceased to exist due to outsourcing and the western obsession with paying less money for more product.

Realizing the pattern that was emerging and the inevitable progression to globalization I decided the best way to ensure I limited the number of redundancies in my future career was to actually specialize in working with different cultures and scenarios in the Outsourcing world.

This became my new role description, initially as an employee and later as a consultant / mentor.

Over the course of this experience I realized that there were a multitude of factors that led to the failure of any outsourcing venture and typically a lack of competence with the employee or supplier was not a key factor.

Outsourcing usually failed due to Communication issues, Cultural Issues or the obsession with cost over value. My expertise allows me to see the inherent opportunities that exist, especially when it comes to Outsourcing for Small Businesses and to direct clients towards a more sustainable model and mindset when it comes to Outsourcing to better serve their objectives.

Ethical Outsourcing was born out of a combination of my consulting and mentoring experience and the 15 years of different Outsourcing expertise I have accumulated. This combines into our Mentored Outsourcing model whereby we not only provide virtual staff but also actively mentor the client and employee on working together over international borders.

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