Britt Jongman

Volunteer and Project Manager in Zeewolde, Nederland

Pioneer, Irreverent, Entrepreneurial

Observant, Calculated & Provoking.

Humor, Curious, Social Intelligent & Leadership

Biotechnology graduated woman which is curious about, biological infrastructures and there interaction with each other. The game off roots and the evolution of the mind. As it was, as it is, how will it be. My holidays and day tips are inspired by historical myths, which I share by the google guide program.

Characterized as a Problem solver, try me and make it more and more complex, I will respond with enthusiasm and more and more energy.

Natural ability to see the need of others, hidden beyond the visible behaviours.

Currently working as Sales Specialist Life Science at a distribution channel for lab products. I advise and sell products which can be used for developing therapies as gene therapy, immunotherapy or precise personal medicine.

Besides I work as a volunteer at Floriade 2022 Almere, the Netherlands. Hoping to learn more about indoor farming and hydroponics.

I do meditate in the form of woodcarving.

Skills; Product Manager, Account Manager, Business Development, Marketing Qualifications, Sales Practitioner, Effective Leadership, Communication, Strategic Planning & Organizing.

  • Work
    • VWR Int. BV & Floriade 2022