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Brittany Lee

Huntington Beach, California

Since the entirety of my childhood consisted of living in the quaint coastal town of Huntington Beach, I was a natural explorer of new things. I have roamed the loud, honking streets of L.A. and strolled down the peaceful Redwood Forests of Northern California. I've met a wide range of personalities and lifestyles, many of which are in full bloom and some of which have wilted into despair. So my question to everyone is: should we stop now and raise the next wave of newborn lives or are we going to finish living our own?

My generation is expected to live up to 98 years old. In my opinion, that's too short of time to commit to a certain life style and take a siesta. We should all feel the need to explore.

  • Work
    • Co-Founder, TEDxFountainValleyHighSchool
  • Education
    • Fountain Valley High School
    • University of California, Davis