Paul Brown

Product Manager, Agile Coach, and Director in Canterbury, UK

I'm working in and passionate about product/service design and development. I'm coaching and facilitating teams in the use of agile, lean and design thinking methods to drive better innovation outcomes. I'm the founder of Lime Fish Digital, a product and service design studio that partners with clients to define and deliver exceptional results, and build high performing digital product and delivery teams.

I continue to work as a Product Manager, Enterprise Agile Coach or Delivery Manager in both the public and private sectors, and I have sat on several leadership teams. I am impassioned about driving outcomes, not outputs.

My professional expertise:

+ product/service design leadership

+ team facilitation, mentoring

+ product innovation

+ enterprise agile coaching

+ lean product management

+ user-centred design

+ design thinking

+ leadership

  • Work
    • Emergn, Lime Fish Digital
  • Education
    • Queen's University Belfast
    • Product Institute
    • General Assembly
    • Growth Tribe Academy
What clients say about me
I was lucky to work with Paul for a few months when he was a part of a external delivery team working on It’s rare to find a combination of deep technical knowledge, product and delivery expertise, and marketing and analytics capabilities in one person, and we really benefited from the contribution that Paul made across these areas.
Jess O'Leary, Product Manager, GDS
Paul is a very expert product guy, a great collaborator and a calming presence in the team. Paul really shines working on complex problems where there's a policy intent or a social outcome to achieve. I thoroughly recommend working with him!
Darius Pocha, Design & Digital Director, DfE
Paul is a Product Guy. He never let's go of the most important factor; what the customer needs and has a scientific, not arty, approach to both understanding those needs and then start building stuff to satisfy them. He's a true Agile thinker and practitioner and, because he can articulate the why's and wherefore's passionately and colourfully, is someone I consider a leader in this field. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Paul again.
Adrian Heesom, COO, Centrica Connected Home
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