Bruno Paz

Software Engineer in Porto, Portugal

Bruno Paz

Software Engineer in Porto, Portugal

Welcome to my website. My name is Bruno Paz and I am a Web Engineer, from Porto, Portugal, currently working at Jumia Travel.

Expert in PHP and Symfony Framework.

Despite programming mostly in PHP and Symfony , I always try to keep up to date with other programming languages and frameworks so I can keep improving my knowledge and skills.

I believe in allays choose the best technology for the the job, even if sometimes we need to get out of our conform zone. The most important is to build a quality and scalable product that fits the client needs.

I am eager to learn new things, Enthusiast about new technologies and programming in general, I have a greater interest in topics like DevOps, Agile methodologies, Continuous Delivery, Systems Architecture and automation.

Besides PHP, recently I have been looking at NodeJS, Go and Frontend Frameworks like React and Angular.

I believe in tech and programming as a way to to improve People lives, so they can be more productive and have more time to do what really matters.

The most important thing is: never stop learning and have fun!

There is always room for improvement.

  • Work
    • Jumia Travel
  • Education
    • Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto