Danny Garcia

Astoria, NY

I'm a twenty something programmer, specializing in open web initiatives and closed enterprise integrations. I actively contribute to work on Github, so if you have a project you'd like to collaborate on, let me know! I have a deep understanding of data structures and algorithms, and specialize in front end development. I've worked with clients such as Panasonic, EA Games, Vice Magazine, Ecotality, Trident, Tresseme, JP Morgan Chase and Vitamin Water. Most of my work also includes integrations with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, most of the Google Apps Suite, custom analytics, and general third party API work. Also, I like ponies, rainbows, walks on the beach...

I'm a very avid gamer, and I've been playing video games for years-- ever since the Commadore 64. My favorite platform is the XBOX 360, and I take pleasure destroying anyone in most FPS games; I especially enjoy the Call of Duty (4 onward) series, Battlefield, and definitely Borderlands. Most music games are fun to me, and lately I love showing people programmers can boogie with Dance Central.

I also practice parkour (not to be confused with free running). The discipline it gives me carries over into my life in many ways, and a respect for the environment and obstacles shows me how not everything can be powered through or over-- it takes a little finesse and patience.

When I'm not running, I'm longboarding. Because hey, who wants to be caught on the short-board? It keeps me in shape, and it is definitely exhilerating to be cruising on the pavement, ripping it up like a concrete wave.

I can play 95 different percussion instruments. This is at last count from a NYSMA accrediated exam, and I've probably forgotten how to play many of them, but the important thing is that I have natural rhythm and can pick any of them up again at the drop of a dime. I play the drum set in studios whenever I get a chance and cover a lot of the music I hear making waves around the scene, just for fun.

Last, I enjoy hikes and climbs on the mountains, and one day would love to take on the Appalachian trail. For now, Breakneck Ridge in Orange/Dutchess county is my favorite climb.

Pretty much, I am your new best friend. Or you are mine. Contact me!