Café Sanctuary Outreach Service

Consultant, Resource Coordinator, and Life Coach in Slidell, Louisiana

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The Café Sanctuary Outreach Program empowers women by providing support that's tailored to individual needs. We recognize that each client is unique and may contact us at different stages of their journey.

We are not a shelter, nor are we licensed counselors. We are, however, survivors of domestic abuse who have successfully escaped and we, therefore, understand the dynamics of abusive situations and the emotions attached to what our clients might be experiencing. We understand, from experience, that our clients can't safely make the necessary phone calls or do online research because they fear being caught. Having been through the escape and rebuilding process ourselves, we know how to fill the gaps, navigate the shortcuts so that we can put our clients directly in touch with the agencies that can help them.

How do we help?

We assess each client to determine immediate and long-term needs.

We brainstorm solutions for any issues our clients may have.

We listen to our clients with compassion and understanding.

We contact the relevant agencies on behalf of each client, articulate their needs and obtain contact information.

We enhance the support provided by existing agencies by providing a service that may require additional funding or staffing for them.

We help fill out forms or write letters, if necessary.

We provide follow-up phone calls to ensure that our clients have received the assistance they needed.

We stay in touch until the client decides our help is no longer necessary.

We provide confidential help to everyone, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation ~ free of charge.

Whether you call, email or use this contact form, there’s no obligation. Just a friendly, understanding ear, whenever you need it.