Cammy Nguyen

Student, Artist, and Athlete in Athens, Georgia

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Push. Lean. Pull.

Push. Lean. Pull.

Push. Lean. Pull.

Three simple tasks yet, I find it difficult to do without complete concentration and strength. As the boat cuts pristinely through the glasslike water, the sounds of the eight oars clunking rhythmically and simultaneously were evidence that everyone in the boat is rowing together, an action easier said than done.

When I began my freshman year at the University of Georgia, I got to admit, it was pretty mundane for me. The first few weeks of college life consisted of me just going to class, doing homework, and then returning to my dorm where I do more homework. It was this endless, monotonous routine that drove me mad and nearly gave me a premature mid-life crisis.

Back at my old high school, I was a social butterfly. I knew everybody and everybody knew me. So why do I find it so difficult to make new friends here? For one, UGA has a massive campus, which in turn makes the task of creating new friendship a little harder. No longer was I a big fish in a small pond, but rather a big fish in a big pond filled with other big fish.

In addition to this, another problem was that I was not as active as I used to be. I went from running about 3 miles every day and eating (somewhat) healthy, to zero exercises and indulging in ice cream and cookies at Bolton every chance I got. Due to my superior genetics and fast metabolism, fortunately for me, I was not diagnosed with the Freshman Fifteen… yet. But I knew that if I continued this habit, the Freshman Fifteen would not be the only thing I have to worry about.

Joining the UGA Rowing team solved my predicament in that a) it provided me an environment where I can easily cultivate friendships, and b) it gave me a chance to be active and stay active. Being a part of this team is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my young adult life. Overall, rowing teaches me responsibility, persistence, and discipline in addition to being a gateway for me to relieve my stresses and teen-angst.