Canada Abroad

There are many South Africans that have the idea that to immigrate to Canada is very difficult and expensive. In fact, thanks to the new Express Entry system it is now easier and cheaper to immigrate to Canada from South Africa than to any other country and with the assistance of an immigration consultant, the whole process can be completed in as little as eight months!

Canada Abroad is a Canadian immigration consultancy in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and provides assistance to people who want to immigrate to Canada from South Africa. We offer a variety of services that include complete consultations, assessments, file reviews and full representation with your application for a Canadian visa/permit.

Our professional consultants know all the ins and outs of the different immigration programs offered by the Canadian government and keep up to date with any changes in the different programs. They can advise you on the best programme that will allow you to immigrate to Canada.

The whole immigration process can be complex, but our consultants have a deep understanding of the process and the necessary knowledge to advise and guide you through the application. In the event of an application being refused and depending on the reason for refusal, you will be able to appeal or ask for a review. Should that happen, our immigration consultants are competent enough to speak on your behalf.

Finding out which application forms has to be completed when you want to immigrate to Canada can be very time consuming and confusing. We save our clients a lot of valuable time by providing them with the correct application forms. Submitting a well presented and correctly filled out application is very important in the success of your application. When you work with Canada Abroad you can be assured that your application will be correctly filled out and well presented.

The professional immigration consulting services of Canada Abroad will ensure that the whole process of immigrating to Canada from South Africa goes smoothly and stress free.

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