candee chee shu yee

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

i’m just another undergraduate student stressing over assignments and grades. i am everything fun and loud, mixed into one big salad of randomness who dances in the shower to songs.

I am normally bubbly and friendly unless you eat my food. Then I just get into an epileptic fit and order more food! ;P I love talking to people and getting to know them. Always on the lookout for adventure and fun, I seize the day and enjoy life as it comes! I love animals although I am far from being vegetarian. One of my life goals is to swim with dolphins and baby sharks.

But like all tumblrians, I also have a quiet side. Sometimes I power down with a cup of hot chocolate and a book (or tumblr on my phone). I also love getting lost in museums or art galleries and just immerse into the local culture.

Well, in a sentence, I’m everything you can possibly imagine. ;)

  • Education
    • University of Portsmouth
    • TsunJin High School