candy kennedy

New York, Ny Usa

South African-born and raised just beneath the beautiful Table Mountain in a small place called Cape Town.

Candy Kennedy’s photography career began during her teenage years, skipping class to go on adventures, shooting everything from clouds to reflections to people in the city and then she’d head straight to her high school darkroom to process and print ,

At the age of 20, Candy moved to Dubai, where she worked on major campaigns , fashion editorials and shoots with high profile celebrities. Being tired of all the glitz and glam that is the substance of Dubai she decided to move to Paris where she spent her days shooting portraits of musicians and friends, drinking lots of coffee and soaking up the awesome, that Paris is.

3 years ago she made the big move to New York, a place that she now calls home.

Candy’s incredible energy comes through in her work, her hardworking , professional etiquette is appreciated and welcomed among clients, and her go-getter personality has made her who she is today.

Candy is inspired by all that she sees, faces, light, tattoos, environments and personalities, she loves the challenge of capturing the true personality of an individual, which she has mastered.

Whether its photographing the worlds most dangerous gangsters in South Africa, riding through the desert on Arabian horses in search of the perfect location or shooting in icy conditions on the top of the Jungfraujoch mountains in Switzerland, whatever project Candy works on, she gives 150 % from start to finish.

When Candy gets some time off she visits the family farm in the South of France where she spends her days exploring the countryside, spending time with her family and indulging in french cuisine.

Raising her son, Cash with her husband in Manhattan, she often uses him for personal projects and has learnt how to photograph kids in a natural, real way that brings out the dream like adventures that is the everyday in a kids life . Candy is often complimented on her patience and understanding when photographing kids.