Cape Cod Real Estate

Cape Cod, MA

My goal was to make it very easy for you to search for homes online )90.% of you already do) Yes, you will undoubtedly encounter a "sign-up" or "registration" form somewhere on my website. FEAR NOT !! the dreaded "sign-up" and "registration" forms are for your benefit only- they will allow you to save your favorite homes and searches. I am NOT going to call you unless you request it. I hate getting yelled at ! I don't want to waste your time with a hard sell and it is my hope that your will only call me if your are a serious home buyer. I did not get my real estate license to become an unpaid tour guide.
If you do call me, I assure you that it will be an entirely enjoyable conversation and experience. Home buying, especially for a vacation or second home should be fun, it should be an weekend adventure that you will look forward to as much as I do.
Happy Hunting, Todd.

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    • Exceptional Real Estate Agent, Negotiator
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    • American Real Estate Academy