Captain Sean Goddard

Tampa, Florida, United States

I have been living near and fishing the West Coast Florida for over 30 years and have devoted my time to learning the waters of Tampa Bay and the feeding and migratory habits of the local game fish, as well as specializing in fishing the inshore and near shore waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. I am a fully insured United States Coast Guard licensed Captain.

I posses all the required licenses and permits to guide in the waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, and all necessary state of Florida fishing licenses.

I believe strongly in family values and strives to set the proper example in the community. I value respect, honesty and generosity dearly and run my business based on these core principles. I Like to devote time to local charities and to schools to speak to the younger generation about conservation and the importance of our estuary to help educate the next generation on the blessings we have as Tampa Bay residents. Mentoring them and hoping to guide them to a passion for nature and perhaps a lifetime of working on the water to continue keeping our bay healthy and vibrant.

  • Education
    • Sea School