The Heart Healer

Austin, Texas, United States

"No mud, no lotus." - Our pain has a purpose.

I have devoted much time and energy to understanding and processing painful feelings. < Feelings include emotions and visceral sensations. > I now know just how powerful feelings are and what great gifts they can be. Feelings are our internal guides and they fuel our co-creative power! They lead us to our highest selves. We need only choose to embrace what we feel as a divine navigation system.

Feelings are the language of the heart (as well as our universe). Feelings are composed of two things: emotion and thought. To make this simple, we will place all emotion into two categories- love and fear. Combine a thought with an emotion of love or fear and you have a feeling. You may call this feeling a belief. Our feelings/ beliefs create our experiences. It is essential that we feel our feelings (our hearts) and address unhealthy feelings/beliefs. It is possible to have hate in your heart. Dread. Doubt. Judgement. To begin, we must be aware of what is there. Light is knowledge. We must bring light/ knowledge to the dark in our hearts (and of course a bit of humor and compassion too) in order to heal.

I offer you a Sacred Heart Healing and guidance in processing and releasing unhealthy beliefs/ feelings to live from an open, clear and compassionate heart.

My healing methods- Negative feeling/belief discovery and dissolution (disillusion), Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, releasing destructive cellular memories (they are stored in our bodys' cells- not our brains!) in yin yoga postures.

I look forward to helping you understand and harness the gift of your feelings (even the painful ones) to guide you on your ascension home. May your heart be happy and free in love and in light.