Cardlet Directory


I guess, like every farseeing producer, you also have a need to provide the customer with full info about the product or service you offer.
That's why we have elaborated «Cardlet».
It offers you a point of an immediate virtual meeting with customer.
It’s a space, where you can place the full info about your business, which is going to be easily found and viewed by the interested customers.
A space, where you will be able to receive comments, concerning the product or service you offer.
Register, share info, be in touch with the customer…

Cardlet is a business card and video directory.
Cardlet is a all-in-one business information listing.
Advertisers are able to list their business card, video (commercial/infomercial), detailed service information, current service promotions and etc.
Consumers are able to navigate the site easily and obtain all detailed information instantly.
For example, a consumer in search of a restaurant – immediately gets to see the business card, detailed restaurant information, map of the restaurant, restaurant’s commercial and current promotion information all in one place.

Cardlet is the only online business video directory.
Cardlet business listing provides business card advertising, business video advertising, business location advertising, business special promotion advertising all in one place.

Registered users will be able to leave reviews/comments on services used on Cardlet’s website.
Registered users will be able to utilize “mini-office” services; such as, online faxing, video converter, word PDF converter and image converter.

Simple online informational system for consumers to acquire all business information in one place.

«Cardlet». Your business digital space.