Cari George (Cari On)

Owner of Cari On Media, Super Blogger at The Palmetto Queen, and ParaSass: CarolinaHOPE/ CarolinaCryptidCrew in Seneca, South Carolina

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I am the chief THIS handler at Keep Calm, I'll handle THIS!

* Logo Designer * Brand Coach * Blogger * Virtual Assistant * Social Media Manager * Web Designer * Professional Know-It-All * Mom * wife * daughter * blogger * marketer * graphic designer * geek * Mom Blogger * Organizing Guru * Homeschool Mom * paranormal talk show host *

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You are your own unique brand! I will teach you to show everyone just how fabulous you are, and what you have to offer. Why am I so fabulous, you ask? Because I wear NighLons (I also keep calm and CARI on)!

Need a Logo or a branding consultation? I'm your girl! I will work intimately with you until your brand is perfect!

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