Carica Williams

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I love and live right outside of Philadelphia and I share recipes for the beginner to intermediate cook who wants to dish out fabulously delicious home cooked meals without breaking the bank.

Besides, my adorable daughter, there are two things that I prefer not to live without: 1) The word of God because I love my Jesus and nothing encourages me like the B.I.B.L.E. – yes, that is the book for me, and 2) cooking scrumptious food, because I love eating scrumptious food – no brainer, right? Therefore, I combined two of my loves here, at Cooking by Faith.

I started dabbling and putting things together in the kitchen when I was around ten years old. My mother, who was a single parent, worked and went to school full time; therefore, I learned how to whip up home cooked meals to ditch the microwaveable ones. By twelve years old, I was happily preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

Many moons later, I still find joy in preparing home cooked meals. I find that there is a beautiful fellowship and bond that is shared between a family when a home cooked meal is prepared and shared together. Eating at home, provides family fellowship, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and is easier on the wallet.

I never get tired of cooking and I never get tired of sharing the love of the Lord. I am a Christian and I have a Christian home, that is filled with love, joy, and tons of laughter; exactly, what I intend to spread here through recipes and blog posts.

No one should have any excuse not to cook or know how to prepare a home cooked meal. The recipes that are provided are made from scratch, and fairly easy for any level cook to follow. Cooking By Faith recipes will have everyone thinking you are the next great Top Chef! (maybe that’s a little too far – we’ll see).

On top of that, I will not only add nourishment to your physical body, but to your spiritual one, as well.

Good Food ROCKS! The Good Lord ROCKS! Let’s GO!

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