Carmelo Cutuli

Expert in Public Relations in Italia

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Carmelo Cutuli, born in 1969, is an expert communicator in Institutional, External, and Media relations.

Studies in Business Economics, registered in Journalists Publicists at the Association of Journalists of Lazio, Cutuli currently sits on the board of the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago (IACC Midwest) and works with major North American Organizations. Cutuli speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.

Professionally active in the field of digital media, since the dawn of the internet, Carmelo was among the first Italian professionals interested in phenomena such as SEO, Social Networking and Corporate Blogging. He has written various publications, including one of the first Italian SEO manuals (The secrets of search engines, in 1999). And now his operating manual of Media Relations titled “Media Relations - The American method” is in bookstores as well as online.

From 1998 to 2000, Mr. Cutuli made the Etna Valley phenomenon, the Italian Silicon Valley connected with the Technological Centre of Catania, known on an national and international level by spreading a journalistic dossier and an intense campaign of media relations on the subject.

Since 2010, he has been busy with the dissemination of topics related to Innovation and Business Startups. For Cutuli, who has launched and follows all the digital blogozine, one must adopt the neologism startupper, a term that, in Italy, indicates the founder of a startup.

Passionate about topics connected with Country Branding and Public Diplomacy, in 2016, he helps to spread the discipline of Nation Branding and the associated professional role of the Nation Brander in Italy. Still somewhat unknown in our country, he has been appointed President of the AINB, an association on the national level made up of professionals and scholars of this discipline.

From the viewpoint of social commitment, Cutuli was a member of Rotary International and Kiwanis International. From the latter organization, he has received the Hixson Fellowship, a prestigious honor given to those who have distinguished themselves in this organization, in their civil and social commitment.