Laurette Shaw

Interior Designer in Atlanta, Georgia

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Savannah, Georgia native Laurette Shaw began her path to success by attending the University of Georgia and majoring in Interior Design. From her educational background, drive, and innate design ability she started her own interior design company in 2014 called CLS Interiors.

In addition to her interior design avenue of business Laurette Shaw also works with the real estate investment company Gvest Partners for construction and renovation design projects.

Laurette Shaw currently has two construction and renovation design projects in Alys Beach, Florida, a renovation and design project in Raleigh, North Carolina in collaboration with J. Davis Architects to revamp the coveted apartment homes Yards at NoDA. With the Yards at NoDA project Laurette Shaw is very hands on in regards to the interior design and layout of the individual apartment units, the upgrade of the properties amenities such as the pool and clubhouse, and also the design of the Yards at NoDA’s leasing office.

Additionally, Laurette Shaw often does business with the Primestone Properties offering her expertise for major construction and renovation projects, planning and development.

Laurette Shaw also works with her husband on real estate investments as she did with the purchase and renovation of the Wingover Ranch, a property located in Keokuk. The Wingover Ranch is a lodge is a 377-acre property intended to be a getaway for the Hubinger Company and various other plant owners, officers and guests. Laurette Shaw’s business acumen and drive continue to propel her into new investments and construction and renovation projects. However, she will be admired and appreciated by the community for her philanthropic efforts such as her charitable donations to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the Savannah College of Art and Design and various others.