Caroline Dijckmeester-Bins

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Caroline Dijckmeester-Bins

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I am a Dutch/Argentinean independent multimedia producer and editor working out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

My work has previously been published on, the Newshour but my interest also goes to experimenting mixing different media like video and illustrations to create short docs.

Recent Projects:

TIME.COM:Why is St. Nick's Helper in Blackface, and Should You Be Offended?

TIME.COM: Mine Kafon: An Afghan Designer’s Life-Saving Design

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Contributing VIDEO After the Flood: Can Surge Barriers Save New York?

INDEPENDENT WORK: Haiti's Scapegoats: a mashup of video and 2.5 D animation

Shown on CartoonMovement and written up on the Washington Post:

"Cartoon Movement's compelling video tells of LGBT abuse"

  • Work
    • Journalist,, shooter, editor, radio, video
  • Education
    • MA History, MA Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism