Reid Mukai

Seattle, Washington

I was born in California, raised in Hawaii and am a current resident of Seattle. After a long career as a medical lab tech I was ready to act on knowledge and experience accumulated over the years resulting in the establishment of Cascadia Vape in 2014.

As a first-hand witness to the harmful impact smoking has had on family and friends and as a lifelong critic of the failed War on Drugs, I've made it my mission to help those transitioning away from a smoking habit to less harmful alternatives. Since industrial tobacco cigarettes are one of the deadliest addictive drugs of our time, I've often wondered why it can be legal while less harmful substances such as cannabis were illegal. At the same time, I remained skeptical of the effectiveness of prohibition tactics even if applied to truly harmful substances such as cigarettes.

What has proven to be a more effective and ethical approach to the problem of addiction is Harm Reduction, which (unlike the Drug War approach) treats drug users as complex human beings, acknowledges positive and negative aspects of licit or illicit drug use and the wide range of factors behind it, and seeks to minimize the harmful effects for the individual and society.

E-cigs have already proven to be an effective Harm Reduction tool evidenced by the growing numbers of former smokers who have successfully converted to vaping and have reported an improved quality of life. This correlates with recent recorded decreases in overall smoking rates. Despite these promising trends, those who profit from prohibition-style tactics, well-intentioned or not, increasingly target e-cigarettes as a threat equivalent to smoking, which is why it's important to increase awareness of Harm Reduction as a superior alternative to Drug War and prohibition policies.

Cascadia Vape has an online shop at but just as important is the educational component which is largely carried out through our blog at Besides running the business and blog, I volunteer as a grassroots organizer, keep up on current events, read (mostly sci-fi and non-fiction), hike/camp, and am a patron of regional arts and cultural events.