Catarina Vales

My research focuses on cognitive development during infancy and childhood – in particular the dynamics of attention and learning in the context of word learning (curious? check my CV and my website)

I'm from Portugal, where I attended University of Minho for my BS and MS degrees. In Professor Armando Machado's lab I took my first steps as a researcher, studying number discrimination in pigeons.

After graduating, I lived a year abroad in Barcelona (Spain), when I realized that I could achieve so much more if I challenged myself personally and professionally.

During my MS I became interested in language learning in infancy and childhood, and (over many trial-and-error sessions...) learned all about the challenges involved in doing research with young children.

This is my favorite quote from my current advisor, and why I decided to come to Indiana U.:

"A chain of moment-to-moment mundane causes and effects can over time create something that did not exist before. This is developmental process." (L. B. Smith, 1999).