Charlotte Atkinson


I have always had a passion for history and I strive to share that fascination with others. My first love was Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, which led me to complete an undergraduate degree in Classical Civilisations at Durham University before going on to get a Masters in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester.

I have had a lot of previous experience within the museum sector, including Bromley Museum, New Walk Museum and St Paul's Cathedral.

This has led me to become Digitisation Project Manager at Lloyd's Register, a specialist maritime archive in London. Again, I was by no means well versed in maritime history before starting here but as I have learnt more, a steady burning interest in the subject has grown organically. At LR I am involved in many different aspects of archive management but specialise on the emerging digitisation project of the organisation's Ship Annals. These are documents from the 1830s onwards that were created during the surveying of a ship, including ship plans, survey reports, certificates and correspondences. This unique collection has a never ending number of potential uses for prospective audiences and I am privileged to be part of the team making this fantastic collection available online so it can be used by a global audience. If you want to find out more go on


Aside from my professional life, I have a few quirks of my own! I've always been fascinated by sharks and am an active campaigner for their protection but alas my love of history took over professionally. As you would expect of an archivist, I am a keen reader and can often be found curled up in a corner with a good book. I also love making things so drawing, cooking, baking, sewing and knitting are hobbies that I actively pursue.

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