Michelle Wilson-Stimson

Photographer, Business Owner, and Business Coach in England, United Kingdom

Michelle Wilson-Stimson

Photographer, Business Owner, and Business Coach in England, United Kingdom

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I am a 40 something, Altruistic, lady with 3 lovely children, all Im very proud of, a gorgeous husband who supports me so much, living in a hygge home in the hills of Rutland, with my little black cat Archie.

I am an entrepreneur through my core! I read business book after business book, constantly widening my knowledge and business acumen. I have hustle written through my veins and always creating or thinking of the next big idea.

I am the founder of a number of businesses and have many fingers in many pies...can't quite decide which tastes the best yet!

Founder, director and CEO of a finance business, with a team of 18, trading under the name, Eparaplan. Eparaplan provides compliant support and coaching to the Financial Advice industry.


Founder, director and creative of a stationery business, “Boss Bird”. Have a look at https://www.bossbird.co.uk/ and get some awesome stationery.

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/thebossbird/

I am also a professional photographer and love to capture the beauty and natural light in things I see. My eyes never stop seeing the art in our landscapes or people. https://www.wanderingwilson.co.uk/

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/wanderingwilsoncp/

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Advocate of all shapes matter- I've been a plus size model for 20 yrs - including work from modeling underwear Packaging for Marks & Spencer to Live TV. Appearance commericalised at its best!

I dabble with editorial writing and have written a number of pieces for magazine columns including https://www.emgm.uk/EMMagazine . I also have aspirations to write a book or two.

I am a massive supporter of alopecia awareness,having lost all of my own hair in the past (although it’s growing back now). I have a blog too, http://www.hairlossdiaries.blog.

It's true I have an addiction to everything autumnal & rustic - all things that provide a cozy feeling inside.

Im a believer of supporting my team, be that family, in the office or those supporting me.

I will always do what I can for family and friends and generally put others needs and emotions before my own. I am also kind but a straight talker and honest. A true altruistic empath and adventurer which I inherit from my sagittarian stars! I’m a right little star child.

If you want to know more about me the read the INFJ personality profiler by Myers Briggs :)

  • Education
    • Aylestone school
    • Cheltenham and Gloucester University
    • Hereford college of Art
    • Hereford Technical & Design College
    • Cii Profesional Qualifications