chianh nguyen

Student in Vietnam

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Hi, I’m chianh. I’m an student living in Vietnam, I am a high school student at AAVN. I am a fan of photography, arts, and music. I’m also interested in design and yoga. Being a runner for charity is a part of my annually outdoor activity. I have joined a lot of programs such as Fun Run and Terry Fox for about 4 years. These charity programs raise money for helping disabled people particularly for movement disability for instance, people who have leg loss or back pain. The program is usually consist of selling t-shirt, raising money and inspiring people to run for appreciate what we have and don’t give up if you are a disabled person. Terry Fox is a good example. Although he lost one of his legs, he still tried to run around Canada and never gave up until he couldn't run anymore. By the life story of Terry Fox, I had a great inspiration from it. Firstly, I want to become a person who can bring the encouragement to people for charity at school such as buying things, giving money, or sharing the charity’s information for building up more happiness. Secondly, making people become more positive is one of my goal. I'm the type of person who always respond in a positive way even if it's really terrible situation. Some of my friends are easy to piss off and they always stick with the negative thoughts so they become depressed after and easy to give up. I want the world see me as a positive happy person as I am now and the one that is always making joke for everyone’s joys. In conclusion, I wish to be a “vitamin" of the class forever that means making everyone happy and relax. You can visit my website with a click on the button above.