Valerie Sherpa

Chicago, IL

I like to consider myself a Master Juggler and Magician although my business card says "Senior Project Manager." I work for Abelson Taylor, a pharmaceutical advertising agency in Chicago. I've been in the industry nearly a decade working in project and production management. When I'm not busy juggling projects or deadlines (or pulling the occasional rabbit out of a hat), my time is spent as vegan blogger, yogi, fitness fanatic and includes a mild-severe obsession with Whole Foods Market.

Originally from Indiana, I've had the opportunity to live and work in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Boulder, ultimately settling down in Chicago. I took a 4 month break from advertising in 2015 to teach yoga and generally learn to breathe.

Love: the mountains, books, blue corn tortilla chips and strength training

Loathe: the smell of eggs, being late, the cold and cardio