James Eqorian

Thought Engineer, Architect, and Harmonizer in İstanbul, Turkey

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The First Eqorian. A Truth Thinker. A Visionary of Truth. A constant giver, 24x7. Nothing seeker. Everything consumer. A human being with complex balanced mind that can take every responsibility and every mistake. A male with no fear and balanced creativity. A female with highest caring and coordination. A man. A father. Dedicated and Hardworking team member. A leader. A person you can trust even when there is nothing to trust. A person who trusts and respects 'nothing' when 'nothing' is not what you think.
A person who is working on creating the $250 billion value 'Earth Paradise' project. Carrier of an immortal mind under this mortal body, that has no doubt. An Eqorian.

Skype: eqoriahq (everybody is welcome)

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