chin acne

How To Get Rid Of Chin Acne Easily

Chin acne is something that can cause a lot of trouble, especially to teenagers who suffer from self-esteem issues anyway. For them it is very important to realize there are so many other teenagers who suffer from the same dermatological condition. It also helps to know this youth acne is not permanent, so they are going to get rid of it once they step into the adult life. There are actually millions of sufferers worldwide, so there's no reason for embarrassment. This type of acne appears on the chin, hence its name. In fact, there isn't a big difference between chin acne and other types of facial acne, so the following tips apply to all acne sufferers.

The first and foremost cause of chin acne is makeup. Unfortunately, as soon as they notice it, most women rush into covering it very well. This makes it even worse, so they don't stand too many chances to get better if they don't give up their makeup. You can't have your skin pores blocked like that and hope in an improvement of your condition. The skin needs to breathe in order to be able to heal itself. However, if you must cover your acne, at least you should consider using a non-comedogenic product, even if you have to pay a little more for it. You want to minimize the risk of getting your pores clogged because of your cosmetic products.

Another thing that can worsen chin acne is touching your face with your hands. Most of the time, during the day our hands aren't clean. We touch lots of things and we only wash a few times per day. By touching your face, you help germs spread and worsen your acne. This is why you need to control yourself and get rid of this bad habit, if you want to see your face clear some day.

As this condition is a characteristic of teenagers, its main cause is the hormonal imbalance that occurs as they grow up into adulthood. Girls especially are more prone to this kind of problems. When the estrogen levels in the body record major fluctuations, sebaceous glands tend to increase their sebum production. This sebum can build up and clog the pores, thus causing acne or worsening it, if you are already a sufferer. This phenomenon may occur during puberty, pregnancy or menopause, as these are the three stages in life when estrogen levels record fluctuations.

Friction is another possible cause of chin acne. If you are a biker and you use to wear tight helmets, it's almost certain you are going to develop some f