Chinno Marquez

I first obtained my creative and project management training from spending the first four and a half years of my professional life working as a Creative Assistant then Associate Producer for a broadcasting and film production company.

I began doing full time work in digital and social media in 2009 when brands have just started taking digital and social seriously as a viable marketing platform. The journey of my career in digital and social media mirrors those of the early-adopter brands I worked with: curiosity, education, taking a leap of faith, obtaining expertise, quest for innovation, and continuous education.

Through the years, I have added social brand planning, digital & social strategy, social listening, and influencer management to my arsenal of skills. My experiences in film and TV production make account management and client servicing second nature.

I am proud to have managed and mentored local, regional, and global teams of digital and social media strategists and to have worked in the same local, regional, and global level for some of the world's most admired marketers, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Sony, and Mercedes-Benz, to name a few.