Chip Eyler

Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio native, husband, dad, brother, friend, rubyist/web developer, musician, maker, hacker, bearded mad scientist, traffic light owner, dreamer, misfit, idea guy & adventurer

I cannonballed into the rabbit hole of web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, basic PHP & introductory Rails early last year. I'm now concentrating my efforts on test-driven & maintainable development with both Ruby & RoR along with learning AngularJS. My personal and career intentions are to extend myself further into web, mobile & functional programming.

My passion is to help people, teams & businesses by offering my friendship, influencing creative excellence, driving collaboration, demonstrating hard work, building community & fueling adventure.

My 2014 priority is to find & commit to a full-time Ruby on Rails web development role in the Cincinnati area where I'd like to contribute and continue honing my skills with the right team. If you're seeking a candidate who can learn while on the move and adapt quickly, Iet's talk.

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