About chipnote

Made with love in Bangalore

The application represents a new way of experiencing activity in different locations you care about. Chipnote’s proprietary technology brings you interesting activity in an easy to scan activity stream.

Find a question to answer, or ask your own.

Ask questions to the people following the same location you do.
Share information with the people following the same location you do.

Why build chipnote?

We believe that sharing is everything

In the collaborative economy where we live today, people can get what they want from each other. Every spare space in your house has a potential to be a hotel room, your fashion wear can now be rented to people and your hobby of making furniture in your garage can now be sold online, without setting up a store. The supremacy of one to shape and redefine the environment they live in has never been greater. So lets rewrite the rules.

Chipnote makes the location you care about a cohesive community, which collects resources, discusses what matters and helps one another.

The massive power of this community allows you to exchange countless things everyday. At chipnote we leverage on the muscle of this community to connect you to the right person.

We plan to grow by following the community’s lead. It is people like you who will help us shape this community. We would love your help to do it.