Chizota Mary

Project Manager, Consultant, and Small Business Owner in Nigeria

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Chizota Mary is the Creator of The Leverage Method.

She is your secret weapon to efficiency and productivity in life and business.

She help women entrepreneurs to ditch the chaos, leverage their time and scale their growing business. That means she helps them focus on the 5% most important tasks to get the 95% of the outcome they truly want in their life and business.

“Time is money” is what they say – but actually it should be “Time is power”.

She has always been an organization and process nerd right from her teenage years and combining it with her corporate experience in the operations department of a bank, digital marketing certification and years supporting women leaders, she created the leverage method to help more women succeed in business.

When she is not working , you can find her singing, travelling and connecting with friends. Her big vision and mission is to launch a foundation and shelter across Africa for young children who have been abandoned, sexually abused and experienced the pains of being in prison.

In the words of her clients, she is the person you go to when you want a coach who see your possibilities even when you can't see it, yet at the same time keeps you focused to achieve your goals.

If you want to be a high flyer pursuing your ambitions without apology, then you need to speak to her now.

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    • Chizota Mary Consulting
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    • University of Nigeria Nsukka , Enugu