Chris Clayton


Back in 2009 I made the bold decision to abondon the corporate world after working for various companies pretty much all my life.

With no real plan or direction I got onto my trusty laptop and started looking around for opportunities that I could pursue. After lots of misses and very few hits I finally stumbled upon freelance writing.

I had dabbled in writing before, nothing serious, but I had enjoyed it and it almost seemed like my destiny.

And so began my journey to where I am now, a full time freelance writer who enjoys the freedom of working with a variety of businesses and playing a part (however small) in their success.

I have developed a real love for the craft of writing, be it website copy, press release, blog post or anything else. And at the same time I have grown to respect the intricacies of starting and running a business.

That is the direction I am heading in, but in the mean time I want to use my writing skills and business knowledge to benefit others.

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