Christopher Ellis

Christopher Ellis is an author who challenges the very foundation of our perceptions and beliefs. His provocative writing strikes at the very heart of everything we take for granted on a daily basis and draws us into questioning the nature of our realtionships with what we've come to beleive is the world 'around us'.

Writing from a parabolic perspective, with an allegorical twist, Ellis approaches head-on our concepts of Belief, Faith, Time, Nature, Life, Motion and Death. He does so not in an attempt to reinvent the wheel, but to show us that we're already quite familiar with most everything we need to make the adjustments in become better Human Beings.

"We already have the building blocks, we already have the tools for change, yet for most of our lives we've followed the methods of others regaring assembly. I'm just trying to show that if you rearrange your blocks in a different order, the blocks you've had all along, and your willing to readdress the nature of the relationship you have with your blocks, then you might find something extraordinary already within you."

Ellis' first book, 'The Devil and a Tree' will be available October, 2012.