Chris Roetz

About me

Chris Roetz is a graphic designer in the Cape Town Metro area. Chris became involved with graphic design when he was a teenager. At age 16 Chris bought himself a T-shirt press with the intention of starting up a custom T-shirt business in St. Petersburg, Florida but he quickly realised that it’s not as simple as taking photos and clicking print. Feeling a bit lost, Chris turned to his older brother whom had been studying digital graphic arts at Tampa Technical Institute in Florida. His brother gave him a short crash course on photoshop just to learn the basics and left him to learn the rest on his own. Chris unexpectedly fell in love with graphic design and developed his skills on his own over the next 14 years.

Due to the unorthodox learning process Chris took longer to learn his skills, however art is something that develops from within and is not really something that can be taught. Chris believes that art is something that manifests itself whenever a blank canvas is within reach, and cannot be learned.

Chris’s father is a renowned photographer whom taught him many wonderful skills in the arts. As a child Chris and his father built a dark room in the house where his father taught him how to develop his own film and create various types of photographic arts in the dark room.

Chris is known for his creativity and vision in the fields of

brand awareness

logo design

icon design

flyer design

Chris has a genuine fascination with digital art, so much that he designs in his free time as a form of entertainment. He finds his inspiration for his designs in an exciting activity called image surfing, where Chris listens to music and views thousands of photos from around the world in a brain storming session. Instead of joining the social scene on the weekends, Chris has the most fun blasting music while getting lost in a new vibrant design. When Chris is not designing he can be found straddling a motorcycle in between the beautiful mountain passes and vineyards that the Western Cape has to offer. Chris is inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds him and the soothing sound of baltic ambient music emanating from his earphones he has a sharp eye for textures and finds meaning behind the colours he uses. He likes to show depth and meaning in his art work while keeping an emphasis on simplicity.

Chris has strong interests and seeks to build skills in:

UI- user interface

Package design

Simplistic/ minimalistic Art

Html & CSS coding


Chris is a textbook stra