Chris Tegethoff


I received a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial design with a focus in product design from The Ohio State University. Right out of school I began creating GUIs on some of the earliest examples of touch computing. The self-service kiosks and checkout stations in grocery stores, airports, and big box stores originated at the NCR Design Center where I got started. Since then I have worked with clients such as Intel, Microsoft, Nike, and Roku to help them visualize emerging technology. Throughout my career I have sought out projects that fundamentally change the way we interact with our world.

I am a user interaction specialist with a proven history of creating meaningful connections between humans and the user interface. My approach is grounded in acquiring good information, filtering out the irrelevant, and then focusing on the user. I use goal-oriented, step-by-step use cases to drive interaction flows, which determine content structure. I involve the client very early on in the design process to empower them to find a voice for their digital product. From initial concept to creation, I define the user experience while displaying meticulous attention to detail before, during, and after hand off.

I design beautiful and immersive GUI’s inexpensively. Individual contractors such as myself don’t require the same amount of overhead needed by even the smallest of agencies. I charge a fixed rate for each hour placed on the clock and take pains to work only with a set number of clients at any given time. This allows me to give each client the individual attention needed to make their digital product intuitive, immersive, and addictive. Digital products need attentive caretakers who know what it takes to build meaningful interactions from the ground up. As a user interaction specialist I provide the insight that fuses design and brand into a cohesive presentation.