Chris Bowles

IT in England, United Kingdom

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Chris is a highly experienced IT professional and consultant with a career history spanning over 20 years. He has recently co-founded Inca Cloud and works at the forefront of technology, providing high-quality service integration and professional services to resellers, distributors and vendors of cloud infrastructure.

Prior to this he was working with at the forefront of NVMe and Flash based storage technology, providing high-performance, deduplicating storage arrays for virtualisation and databases.

Working across Europe at the cutting edge of digital infrastructure technology for most of his career, he was instrumental in creating pioneering wireless networks (both Wi-Fi and Wi-Max class) across the continent and in the UK with Megabeam and Telabria.

Prior to wireless, he cut his techno-teeth working for companies such as The BBC and The media space has always been a passion and has led him to work with such industry names such as Trevor Horn and companies such as Sarm Studios, Pepper Post and Smoke & Mirrors. As a result he also has a comprehensive understanding of audio/video and professional post production infrastructure.

Finally, as those who know him will testify, he does have a fondness for all things Apple. Now this did all start back around '97 when most people proclaimed 'Apple will be dead by next year' so he's not really jumped on the post iPod bandwagon. That said, since Steve returned and Jon designed, Apple has risen like a Phoenix. Perhaps he has an keen eye for the future?

The future has just begun (as it does every day)

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